>> lifting jacks
>> hoists
>> hoisting winches
>> transporter cranes
>> workshop cranes
>> cradle scaffolds
>> access platforms
>> moving walkways
ELWIKO Stanisław Dropik Service Trade Company was formed from Zakład Elektromechaniki Dźwigowej founded on 20 December 1991.
In order to meet customers needs and ensure efficient performance of equipment, on 21 September 1994 ELWIKO expanded its operations to trade in industrial goods, in particular lifting equipment. Since 1998, ELWIKO has been also offering services within the scope of assembly of moving stairways and walkways throughout Poland.
ELWIKO offers comprehensive services within the scope of supply and assembly of new equipment, design, execution and assembly of carrying structures, as well as finalization for the purpose of acceptance by the Office of Technical Inspection. We ensure best quality, reliability, timely execution, flexibility, as well as successful cooperation in execution of modern technical solutions. We possess all required certifications, authorization, technical approvals, and, above all, many years of experience in our industry

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